Mānowai o Hanakahi- Environmental Summer Camps

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Currently taking applications! Priority deadline: April 30, 2014

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Mānowai o Hanakahi is a program for middle and high school students to gain exposure and skill development in natural science research areas. A place-based and hands-on learning experience, program workshops emphasize:

  1. How science can be fun and relevant to your community;
  2. The intimate connection Native Hawaiian Practitioners have with the aina (land) and kai (sea);
  3. Everyone has kuleana (a privileged responsibility) to care for the land and sea; and
  4. Our landscapes and natural resources that run from the mountain to the sea are interconnected.

Program activities, field trips and sessions have included: coral health and monitoring methods, traditional and modern aquaculture practices, introduction to estuarine and coastal ecosystems, traditional and modern approaches to land management and conservation. Past skill building of exploration activities have included: orientating , Geographical Positioning Systems, Geographical Information Systems, water monitoring, plant and animal species identification, DNA extraction, native seed collection, ocean safety, appropriate cultural protocol, and service learning.

How do I apply?

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Submit your application by mail, fax, e-mail or in person :

Mailing Address:

UH-Hilo PIPES: Mānowai o Hanakahi
Office of Research: Army Reserve Building A
200 W. Kawili Street
Hilo, Hi 96720

Fax: (808) 933-0704

Email: hperry@hawaii.edu

Priority Deadline : April 30, 2014

Note: There is a minimal registration fee once accepted into the program. Waivers are avalaible, please contact Erika at hperry@hawaii.edu for more information.

East-Hawaii based students entering grades 8-12 are invited to apply for the 2014 Mānowai o Hanakahi summer program. This year's program will focus on exposure to Hawaii's ecosystems in mauka and makai regions while participants develop skills used in ecological monitoring and data collections.

Applicants can select from three different 1-week camps:

June 16- 20, 2014

July 7- 11, 2014

July 21- 25, 2014

Applicants may apply for all camps. Hawaiian, Filipinos, and Pacific Island middle and high school students that enjoy learning about the outdoors are encouraged to apply.

Need More Information?

Any Questions about Mānowai O Hanakahi feel free to contact us at:

Phone: (808) 933-0707 or E-mail: uhpipes@hawaii.edu